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In the 1930s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich made reports in published books and research journals, and to the French Academy of Science, on the discovery of a microscopical vesicle of around 1 micron, which appeared as a transitional form between living and non-living substance. Called the Bion, this vesicle could be derived in abundance as a break-down product from the incandescent heating and freeze/thaw disintegration of inorganic materials such as iron dust, charcoal, clay, or ground up rock powder or beach sand, as well as from deteriorating living tissues.

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Unedited witness testimony: I was outside smoking when I noticed two lights coming above the tree line. The two craft traveled a straight and level flight path from NW to SE. They appeared to be a spinning gem shape, with no sound. Both were spinning in unison, and appeared to be flying in formation. Recon definitely came to mind. They were not traveling at an unusual speed, or make any abnormal manuvers, they did, ...




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