The Cloudbuster


Excerpts from Jerome Eden’s book: “Planet in Trouble” Exposition Pr of Florida; 1st edition (June 1973)

As with his invention of the Orgone Energy Accumulator, the Cloudbuster is “simplicity itself.” Its simplicity and functional operations have eluded scientific minds for centuries. It is, however, just this very simplicity, the ease of construction and use, which makes the Cloudbuster such a potentially dangerous and extremely powerful instrument. No one, under any circumstance, should PLAY AROUND WITH A CLOUDBUSTER! Not only is it extremely dangerous locally, but also it can trigger atmospheric effects of the most powerful kind, including twisters and hurricanes. The extremely serious threat facing humanity, however, must have forced Reich to “tell where the fire-fighting apparatus is”!
Let us see if we can follow Reich’s functional development of the Cloudbuster. In 1940, Reich observed that hollow metal pipes appeared to influence wave motion on the surface of a Rangeley lake when the pipes were directed at the water. This phenomenon seemed incomprehensible, and Reich all but forgot about it until years later when the DOR emergency at his Orgonon laboratory pressed him to seek relief. As the DOR emergency became unbearable, Reich pointed several metal pipes, about 10 feet long and 2 inches in diameter, at a concentration of DOR in the skies above his laboratory. The pipes were grounded via hollow “armor” cable, known in the electrical trade as “BX” cable, to a deep well in the property.

Observers noted an incredible result of this procedure. The dirty, nauseating DOR clouds began to break up and diminish in size! When the pipes were pointed in a direction opposite to the normal west-to-east movement of the atmospheric OR energy flow, a breeze would start up, as if out of nowhere. From this early, simple and effective beginning grew the science of Cloudbusting and CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering), that branch of Orgonomy which deals specifically with man- made weather phenomena, including the destruction and formation of various types of clouds and cloud cover and all induced weather phenomena, such as climatic and atmospheric changes encompassing humidity, barometric pressures, production and cessation of rainfall or snowfall, the “turning” of tornadoes and hurricanes away from paths of destruction, and the greening of deserts and parched areas.

Underlying the Cloudbuster is Reich’s discovery of the Orgonomic potential – the flow of Orgone energy from the weaker to the stronger OR system. Water in a deep well, flowing brook, lake or ocean, contains a higher OR potential than does the atmosphere or passing clouds. The higher concentration of OR, following the orgonomic potential, will therefore attract the OR of a weaker system to itself. Energy is thus “drawn” from the weaker to the stronger system. Knowing this fundamental law, an orgone engineer can either lower or raise the OR potential in the atmosphere by judicious drawing operations.

In a DOR- free atmosphere which is also not feverish with the over-excitation of Oranur, clouds normally develop by the natural attraction of the atmospheric OR to themselves, the clouds being orgonotically stronger than the surrounding atmosphere. Observation of clouds shows that they will continue to grow into larger and larger masses, building up energy and moisture to the point where rain ensues. Lightning is actually very strong, sudden, concentrated discharges of Orgone from highly charged clouds into the ground. These lightning discharges were always considered “electrical phenomena.” However, what is generally termed “static” electricity is, in reality, concentrated OR energy flowing from the weaker OR system (the cloud) to the stronger system (the earth), exactly contrary to “electrical flow”, or electrical and mechanical potential.

Operations of the Cloudbuster and the lightning rod are at variance on several basic points. Where the lightning rod is solid and pointed, the Cloudbuster pipes are hollow. Where the lightning rod draws and grounds into the earth great quantities of OR energy instantly and immediately, the Cloudbuster draws OR slowly, and in relatively smaller concentrations through hollow pipes into water. These essential differences are crucial to our understanding of Cloudbusting operations.