Chronology of Wilhelm Reich’s scientific discoveries


1923-1934 He develops the theory of orgasm and the technique of Character Analysis. (Books: The Function of the Orgasm and Character Analysis.)

1928-1934 He discovers the importance of the Respiratory Block and of the Muscular Armor in Neurosis (Book: The Function of the Orgasm.)

1923-1934 He distinguishes the self-regulating primary natural drives from the secondary, perverted impulses, according to the principles of sexeconomy. (Book: The Function of the Orgasm.)

1930-1934 He studies and recognizes the role of irrationalism and of the human sexual economy in the origin of dictatorships of all political denominations. (Book: The Mass Psychology of Fascism.)

1934 Discovery of the orgasm reflex. (Book: The Function of the Orgasm.)

1935-1936 He investigates the bio-electrical nature of sexuality and anxiety. (Book: The Function of the Orgasm.)

1936-1939 Discovery of the orgone energy vesicles (bions). (Books: The Bions and The Cancer Biopathy.)

1936-1939 He discovers that the cancer cell can be produced from bionously disintegrated animal tissue and observes the organization of protozoa from bionously disintegrated moss and grass. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1937 Discovery of T-bacilli in sarcoma. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1939 Discovery of bio-energy (orgone) in sand packet (SAPA) bions. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1940 Discovery of orgone energy in the atmosphere. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1940 Invention of the Orgone Energy Accumulator. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1944 Invention of the Orgone Energy Meter. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1940-1945 Experimental orgone therapy of the cancer biopathy. (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)

1945  Experimental investigation of primary biogenesis (Experiment ΧΧ). (Book: The Cancer Biopathy.)