Eden was born August 23, 1925, in New York City. He studied at New York University (B.A.) and Columbia University (M.A.). He served in World War II and the Korean War, later becoming managing editor of the American Water Works Association Journal, the city and military editor of the Idaho Falls Post Register, and the director of the Eastern Idaho Special Services Agency. He also edited and published the Eden Bulletin.
He studied Wilhelm Reich’s work and findings and wrote the books:
Orgone Energy-The Answer to Atomic Suicide.1972.
Planet in Trouble-The UFO Assault on Earth. Hicksville,1973.
Suffer the Children. New York 1959.
View From Eden-Talks to Students of Orgonomy, 1976.
Scavengers from space –The UFO Hostility Hypothesis 1988.

In his own words, excerpt from the book: Scavengers from Space, Eden press, 1988.

“I have never been schooled in any of the classical sciences, and I am the first to admit my ignorance of classical science and technology. Nevertheless, as my books Orgone Energy and Planet in Trouble demonstrate, I have spent many years in studying the new science of Orgonomy (the science dealing with the functions of orgone energy), have personally duplicated many of Reich’s basic experiments, have built and used various orgone energy accumulating devices, and have successfully contacted more than one hundred Cloudbuster operations in the Northwest. I was the first Reich Cloudbuster operator to be registered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) under the U.S. Department of Commerce, and my weather-modification and DOR- reversal work is on record with NOAA and appears in various articles I have written for the Journal of Orgonomy.”

Excerpts from the book Scavengers from Space, Eden Press, 1988

Orgone energy exists everywhere and is constantly in motion. Man and his universe are literally immersed in an Ocean of Energy, just as fish in the sea are surrounded and immersed in water.

Reich established the existence of orgone energy visually, thermically, electroscopically, microscopically, by Geiger counter, orgone energy field meter, and in various other ways. ( See Reich’s basic book, the Cancer Biopathy for experimental data and scientific verification).
The orgone penetrates all matter, but at varying speeds. Our planet (and everything upon it) is submerged in and penetrated by this atmospheric ocean of energy whose major streams flow from west to east. Many flight patterns of UFOs indicate a west- to- east direction, leading Reich to conclude that these craft ride upon the major orgone-energy streams in much the same manner as our automobiles ride upon our major highways; however, many other secondary directions are evidenced in the   flight of these craft. 

The basic colour of orgone energy is blue or bluish gray, which accounts for the colour of our sky, as well as the colour of distant mountains, snow shadows and water. (It is no mere “accident” that water, for example, is in its “purest” state – that is, distilled many times – is also blue; and that liquid oxygen is also blue, inasmuch as both oxygen and water are primary material “carriers” of orgone energy). […] The Earth, as well as every planet in our solar system, is also surrounded by an orgone-energy envelope. It is this massive cosmic stream of energy that is responsible for the Earth’s rotational movement. And, indeed, photographs of our Mother Earth taken by manmade satellites in space show our planet to be a deep blue colour. Many people who have reported UFO sightings have noted a blue colour or bluish light associated with these craft.

When orgone energy is concentrated and simultaneously intensified, its colour changes as a function of this charging process. This phenomenon can be observed in nature, as Reich first noted – especially in summer when various planets and trees, fruits and berries change colour after the strong absorption and concentration of the atmospheric and terrestrial energy. And, as Reich pointed out, the green colour of grasses and leaves is a combination of yellow plus the blue of orgone energy. The withdrawal of atmospheric energy toward the center of the Earth in fall (contraction) accounts for the loss of the blue colour in the foliage, with the resultant yellowing of dying or dead leaves and grasses.

The changes in colour associated with UFOs appear to be an indication of the concentration of the energy used by these ships. The relationship between orgone-energy concentration and UFO colour was indicated by Dr. Elsworth F. Baker, editor of the Journal of Orgonomy and president of the American College of Orgonomy. In his foreword to my book, Planet in Trouble, Dr. Baker described a personal observation he made while witnessing an experiment Reich performed with respect to a UFO:

“My final observation has to do with space ships. None has been captured as yet, and many people still believe that they do not exist. I shall merely record here what seven of us, besides Reich, saw. At about 9.00 pm one evening, Reich pointed to a very bright star in the southwest, about 40 degrees above the horizon. It was unusual in that it was brighter than I had ever seen Venus to be. Also, it alternated in colour regularly in sequence of red, blue, green, orange, yellow and white – then back to red. We watched it for several minutes and then observed it through a 3-inch refracting telescope where it appeared larger, but still merely as a body of light. Lining it up with stationery objects, we found that it was moving slowly in a northeasterly direction and changing its position gradually with relation to other stars. Reich then trained the Cloudbuster on it, and after three or four minutes, the red colour no longer appeared. This was followed by the successive non- appearance of the blue, green, orange and yellow colours. Now all that remained was the white, which grew dimmer and dimmer until we could no longer see it”.

Reich’s Cloudbuster was another of his remarkable inventions. With it, as demonstrated above in Dr Baker’s observations, Reich could withdraw from the atmosphere vast amounts of cosmic orgone energy. By withdrawing energy from this “star”, Reich demonstrated that this object in the night sky was in fact no star at all – it was a space machine! The loss of the UFO’s power source produced a simultaneous loss in colour manifestations: first the red colour disappeared, then the blue, green, orange and then the yellow, and, finally, the white.