Contact with space


Wilhelm Reich’s last book. This website is named after it.

It is an account of  his expedition to Arizona, presenting the scientific data of the operation which resulted in the greening of the desert floor, rainmaking, and the battles given with craft from space, as well as the conclusions drawn by these encounters.

Its content was described by Jerome Eden in his book “Planet in Trouble-The UFO assault on Earth”

Excerpts from “Planet in Trouble” Exposition Pr of Florida; 1st edition (June 1973)

Before we journey with Reich into the Arizona desert, let us recall a few of the signposts which he uncovered that would lead finally to his “Contact with Space.”

UFOs had been seen since 1951 flying over Reich’s Maine laboratory, but Reich did not pay much attention to such phenomena. The idea of there being “visitors” from other planets coming to Earth, did not appear at all fantastic to him. In 1953, in order to find an answer to the blackening of rocks at his laboratory, he instituted pre-atomic research into the chemistry of Melanor-the black powdery substance that fell all over the laboratory acreage, destroying rocks, dehydrating the atmosphere, and causing untold distress among workers there.

It wasn’t until the latter part of 1953 that Reich read anything on the subject of UFOs, one of the first being Major Donald Keyhoe’s Flying Saucers from Outer Space, published that year by Henry Holt of New York. The reports appeared factual and very serious. Along with the seriousness of the problems presented by these space intruders was the even more serious problem of the evasion of the subject in high governmental places. The elements of fear or pride seemed the most cumbersome obstacles in the way of acknowledging the truth; Earth is under surveillance by intelligent beings from outer space.

Reich made a series of time stop photographs of the night sky. The tracks of certain ‘stars’ indicated by their variance from other stars that they were NOT stars at all! Such easy procedures had apparently escaped notice of those who were attempting to find answers to the UFO problem.

As more reports of UFOs reached Reich’s desk, he became angered at the extreme lengths to which the evaders of the problem would go. Emotional-plague characters, anxious themselves, ridiculed responsible U.S. Air Force pilots and other knowledgeable and sincere individuals who were continually reporting UFOs all over the Earth. It was again the terror felt by sick men when confronted by the living-they simply could not touch it, and they screamed bloody murder when anyone else did!

In studying the UFO enigma, Reich stuck strictly to basic functional research procedures which had proven their worth in the past. Among these, he reminded himself and his associates, was the necessity of not forming snap judgments, of allowing the facts to stream into the observer, of simply relaxing and looking at the sky without running helter-skelter on the trail of will-o-the-wisps. Unless an observation occurred again and again, one did not pay attention to it, until the observation itself forced attention. Measurements of any kind where worthless before the qualities of the phenomena under study were first comprehended: What impressions, what emotional feelings, did these “things in the sky” evoke from the observer? How was he physically affected, if at all?

The “ORUR” effect

Totally new facts and concepts warrant new terms. Those who turned their backs on Reich’s discoveries, who refused to study the volumes of factual material gleaned over more than 30 years of labor, or those who were angered or frightened over the implications of these new discoveries, often accused Reich of coining neologisms. It was not a matter of “coining new words”, but of accurately identifying new-completely new-phenomena!

“Oranur” is the term Reich employed to describe processes and effects relating to Orgonomic Anti-Nuclear Radiation experiments. The procedures for this experiment, and full disclosure as to results, may be found in his The Oranur Experiment, First Report (1947-1951).

The motive for the Oranur Experiment was to see what effects, if any, Orgone energy had upon nuclear energy. A relatively small, normally “harmless” amount of radioactive material was repeatedly placed within an Orgone Energy Accumulator of high concentration. Background counts of the nuclear material itself and the immediate vicinity were compared by way of GM counters. The nuclear material in contact with the highly concentrated Orgone produced extremely dangerous results. A well-circumscribed set of symptoms, which Reich came to call “Oranur sickness”, developed in all those who participated in this experiment, revealing under “high magnification” as it were, what millions were suffering from all over the globe: the reaction between atmospheric and underground global nuclear tests was producing planetary Oranur!

After the Oranur experiment, Reich buried the nuclear material used in this experiment and all but forgot about it. While preparing for his expedition into the Arizona desert, he had the nuclear material excavated from where it had lain for some three years under the earth. He rechecked this material with a GM Autoscaler. Now he made an astounding discovery: The unshielded nuclear material gave off one-tenth as many counts per minute as did the shielded nuclear material! Radium used in the Oranur Experiment, when tested naked gave off between 702 and 1,400 CPM. Radium in its DOUBLE-LEAD CONTAINER gave off between 22,000 and 24,576 CPM!! As tested with the counter tube of the Tracer lab Autoscaler at scale 4096, one radium sample in its lead container gave off 122,880 CPM! What impressed Reich strongly was the extremely high counts within the heavy lead shielding!

It is well to bear in mind that in the original Oranur Experiment nuclear material irritated Orgone energy within high concentrations of OR, causing the usually benign OR to “run amok” or to convert it into DOR. This time, however, Reich found that nuclear material itself, first made harmless by Oranur, was converted qualitatively and quantitatively in the direction of Orgone itself-that is, by way of Oranur into “ORUR”. When “Orurized” material was hooked up with the Cloudbuster, an instantaneous effect was produced in the atmosphere. If used for but a few seconds, it could clear the sky of DOR!

The discovery of ORUR and its use in conjunction with the Cloudbuster proved the most effective mating of Life-positive forces in combating DOR.

Space Intruders

Incredible as the preceding facts may appear, they must be pursued by responsible officials if we are to survive the impending cosmic crisis. Wilhelm Reich did not “create” the facts and conclusions that threatened to engulf him and his few courageous associates. He observed, he recorded, he concluded. Always he remained open to new facts, new observations which might completely contradict the older facts and concepts. Several times he stated that there was simply “too much” to note and record, and that much was lost under the incredible onslaught of the new material overwhelming him and his small crew.

While utilizing the newly discovered ORUR material in clearing the atmosphere of DOR surrounding Orgonon, Reich noted in his log the appearance of four strange craft that crossed the skies at mid-morning. The craft flew at a very high altitude and extremely high speed, faster than any jets, and crossing the skies in a few seconds. It was on this day (September 29, 1954) that the idea of the “Space Gun” (that is, the combination of ORUR and Cloudbuster) came to him.

On October 6, 1954-during the night- Reich observed three large, yellow pulsating UFOs in the low southern sky. Another was seen to the north over his observation tower. There were three other witnesses to these Space Intruders which Reich termed “Ea”-his coded name for UFOs or primordial energy phenomena. (The “E” stands for “Energy”, while the “a” signifies “alpha” or “primordial”. Reich also considered “Ea” as “Enigma”).


What conclusions may safely be drawn from the two cosmic battles fought by Space Gun operators, first at Orgonon, Rangeley, Maine, and then again at Little Orgonon in the Arizona desert?

First, Earthmen are now fully aware that UFOs (Reich’s Ea) are primarily interested in Oranur operations all over the planet. Ea concern for our military establishments appears to be a secondary concern. This must be so, because no secondary-type weaponry is capable of penetrating the “force field” of Ea. Reich’s discovery of the cosmic, primordial Orgone energy offers the only realistic hope of meeting these Space Intruders effectively. We have left the realm of “science fiction” speculation and have entered the true Space Age, thanks to Reich and his courageous associates. Contentions that “Orgone energy does not exist” in the light of these successful encounters with Space Men are merely the cacklings of the emotional plague. Such evasive and deadly tactics by the emotional plague must be stopped and exposed for what they are: Active aid to the Enemy of Man!

Responsible men and women of science, in the military, in medicine, education, and so forth, will soon become familiar with the new facts and new concepts surrounding the discoveries in basic Natural Science by Wilhelm Reich. A Life-Positive power of the first magnitude is here, now-freely available for use on the planet Earth.

At present, however, the single greatest enemy to planetary survival is not only the menace from outer space- it is the evasion of the menace right here on Earth! The main focus of attention must continue to be on the obstacles in the way of getting the job done! The knowledge needed, important basic blueprints, and workable cosmic tools have been left to us as a part of Reich’s magnificent legacy to humanity. These must be protected against abuse and misuse, thoroughly studied, and advanced.